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Board Member Denise Velasco

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The Current DMF Board

dianeDiane Middleton

Retired attorney who specialized in representation of injured waterfront workers. Founder of the Diane Middleton Foundation and the Harry Bridges Institute.


daveDave Arian

Retired longshoreman, former President ILWU Local 13. Former International President of the ILWU. Founder of the Harry Bridges Institute. Port of Los Angeles, Harbor Commissioner


petePete White

Pete White is the Founder and Co-Director of the Los Angeles Community Action Network, a grassroots organization working to ensure the rights to housing, health and security are upheld in Los Angeles.  A lifetime resident of South Central Los Angeles, he is committed to fight for a Los Angeles that does not tolerate racial injustice, promotes an equitable distribution of resources, and includes everyone.  Pete believes that organizing and leadership development are essential tools needed to achieve social change and racial justice.


deniseDenise Velasco

Denise E. Velasco is a proud Xicana from Orange County and has dedicated herself to the labor and immigrant liberation movement for over 15 years.  She organized with SEIU for over 8.5 years, and currently works with the Orange County Employees Association as a labor rep and negotiator.


goetzGoetz Wolff

Goetz teaches graduate courses in Urban Planning at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs that focus on topics related to economic justice.  Many of his students have gone on as activists and leaders in unions, social justice organizations, and government.  He occasionally consults for various unions providing them with strategic research.

In the community, he is also an activist concerned with issues of sustainability and the environment, and serves on the Leadership Board of the Los Angeles Food Policy Council.

Goetz is president of his union local at UCLA: UC-AFT 1990 (see http://ucaft.org/content/member-spotlight-interview-goetz-wolff). He is also the co-chair of the Labor in the Schools committee for the California Federation of Teachers.


timothyTimothy Sandoval

College counselor with Bright Prospect – a scholarship and mentorship program that helps high achieving high school students from low income families get into top private liberal arts colleges.


marianaMariana Huerta

Mariana Huerta was born and raised in East Los Angeles and has been a community organizer for over 7 years. She helped launch a new worker center in 2010, the Restaurant Opportunities Center of Los Angeles, and served as Policy and Research Coordinator, where she coordinated participatory research projects on the food and restaurant industry, policy advocacy campaigns that advanced racial equality and economic justice, and organized restaurant workers against abuse and exploitation. Mariana also worked with the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy supporting grassroots, community economic development through unionization of low-wage hotel workers. She is currently pursing her Masters in Urban and Regional Planning at UCLA and plans to work on issues of economic development and sustainability upon graduating.


lewisLewis Wright

Retired member of the International Longshore and Warehousemen Union. Chairman of the Board of the ILWU Credit Union. Special liaison of the Harry Bridges Institute to Latin American Trade Unionists.

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