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Patricia Aguirre, Malachi
Larrabee-Garza, Harmony
Goldberg, and Justine Arian at SOUL
(School of Unity and Liberation)
during site visit in Oakland.

DMF Board at work, selecting Grantees.


2003 Grantees: Could This Be You?

Our 2003 Grantees reflect DMF's ongoing commitment to diversity and innovation. Read about the groups and causes we support to learn more about the Foundation and its goals.

Beth Bird - $2,500 – To subtitle the documentary "Everyone Their Grain of Sand" profiling the community of Maclovio Rojas (near Tijuana) and developing a guide for groups showing the video.

Bus Riders Union - $5,000 – Stipends for students at the National School for Strategic Organizing who will learn how to do "on the bus" organizing.

California Federation of Teachers - $3,500 – Bill Morgan and the Labor in the Schools Committee will develop a comic book for middle school children telling the story of the ILWU.

Coalition for Education Justice - $3,500 – A campaign at Dorsey, L.A. Crenshaw, Washington, University, Manual Arts and other L.A. high schools to challenge the militarization of public schools and to redirect school police monies into relieving campus overcrowding.

DSG Productions (No Sweat Film) - $2,500 – To continue production of a feature length documentary about "sweat free" garment factories in downtown L.A.

DSG Productions (Active Pictures) - $3,500 – A joint project with the Harry Bridges Institute to train summer high school interns to produce, write and direct short videos about "activism" in the L.A. Harbor Area culminating in a mini film festival.

Figueroa Corridor Coalition for Economic Justice - $5,000 – To develop leadership development trainings for working people and members of the Figueroa Corridor Coalition that will focus on an analysis of the economics of downtown L.A. and how their struggles are tied to shifts in global economic policies (such as the phasing out of the Multi-Fiber Agreement which will result in a loss of 70,000 garment jobs in L.A.).

Harry Bridges Institute (Latino Outreach Project) - $4,000 – In partnership with CHIRLA (the Coalition for Humane Immigration Reform in Los Angeles) the HBI is reaching out to day laborers in the Harbor City area to educate these workers about their rights and to begin exchanges of information with local area trade unions.

Harry Bridges Institute (Youth Labor Studies) - $5,000 – In partnership with the International Trade Academy at Banning High School the HBI will host a summer youth program to hire four local youth who will in turn prepare educational programs for other students on the global economy, the Port of Los Angeles and the role of labor.

Jobs with Justice (Utah) - $1,500 – To help build a Utah workers' rights board to fight for the rights of workers in organizing and bargaining campaigns.

Korean Immigrant Workers Advocates - $5,000 – Support for the Immigrant Workers Union (IWU) organizing school to develop leaders to organize over 1,000 workers in Koreatown supermarkets.

Los Angeles Community Action Network - $3,500 – Support for the Share the Wealth campaign for fair redevelopment downtown, no displacement, truly affordable housing, and local hiring and job training.

People Organizing to Win Employment Rights (POWER) - $4,000 – To develop a curriculum and manual to train Bay Area low wage workers to find permanent solutions to the problems of poverty and unemployment.

School of Unity & Liberation (SOUL) - $2,500 – "Training for Trainers Program" to teach other people about the system we live under and what we can do to transform it including updating of a training manual.

Southern California Library for Social Studies Research
- $3,000 – Support for "From Generation to Generation: Making a Life in South Los Angeles – 1940-2005" focusing on making a living in South Los Angeles.

Theatre Workers Project - $5,000 – Development and production of a performance piece addressing what is homeland security and what does it mean to be a patriot. This program will be developed with staff and students from the Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) at Cal State Los Angeles.

Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural - $2,500 – Writer Luis Rodriguez seeks to empower youth in the San Fernando Valley by providing a film program that teaches the necessary technical documentary skills.

UE Research & Education Fund - $2,000 – To support a cross border organizing institute between the United Electrical Workers and the Frente Autentico del Trabajo (FAT).

Ventura County Arts for Action - $1,500 – To support a Cultural Conference and Jam (CCJ) for young people from Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties addressing topics like corporate globalization and how global citizens are resisting, youth civic engagement, and the role of art and culture in social change.

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