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Diane Middleton


Activists Join the Board
New Faces. New Ideas.

Since the Foundation was started in 1998, we have been guided through the leadership of Diane Middleton, Justine Arian, Dee Petty, Dave Arian, Patricia Aguirre, and Monet Wade.
Like any organization, the composition of our Board is an indication of where we want to go. We are really proud of the fact that the majority of our Board Members belong to labor unions. Our Board has many "veteranos" who have over 40 years of activity in the struggle for social and economic justice but we also have board members in their 30's who bring an entirely different perspective to our decision making process.

Joining the folks who have guided us to this point are the following outstanding leaders:

lewisLewis Wright

worked as a longshoreman for 35 years. He recently retired and divides his time between San Pedro and a family home in Baja California. Lewis is a 1972 Coro Graduate in Public Affairs and has a history of work with the United Farmworkers as a community boycott coordinator. He is currently chairman of the board of the 8,000 member ILWU Credit Union and is a delegate to the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO).

timothyTim Sandoval

is a recent college graduate and really dedicated to Bright Prospect, a scholarship and mentorship program based in Pomona. What sets this organization apart from others is that its goal is to assist students from low-income families into achieving success at the top private liberal art colleges throughout the country. Bright Prospect students are currently attending Swarthmore, Wesleyan, Pomona, Oberland, Bucknell, Skidmore, and Harvey Mudd.

mikeMike Ponce

is a longshoreman and member of ILWU Local 13. He is the founder of the ILWU Community Outreach Program "Yes We Can!". This group has introduced to the ILWU (which currently has over 7,000 members) the concept of community outreach through support for youth groups, local social service organizations, and the homeless and hungry. Chairman of the LA COunty Federation of Labor Harbor Area COPE.

goetzGoetz Wolff

is a UCLA Urban Planning Professor (union local AFT-1990) and union researcher, and heads the Center for Regional Employment Strategies. His teaching and research focuses on logistics, the southern California economy, industry sectors and labor markets, young workers, and economic development strategies.

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