Arlington West

ARLINGTON WEST is 105 heartfelt interviews not seen or heard in America's media…U.S. Soldiers traveling to and from war zones, Military Families whose children were killed in Iraq, Veterans, and youth. It was filmed among the 4,300+ crosses that Veterans For Peace erects every Sunday to show the human cost of war. This riveting journey into temporary cemeteries on the sand reveals the emotional devastation to soldiers, their families and civilians. The documentary is presented in Middle & High Schools to Universities, Churches, Activist Organizations in areas claiming the highest military recruiting...and death rates from war. It is accompanied by a Military Parent or Veteran sharing their tragic stories. A Curriculum Guide is used in classrooms for further education and discussion covering subjects not disclosed to the public: Stop-Loss Law, PTSD, Amputation, Depleted Uranium, Sexual Assault, VA Healthcare, and Veteran Suicides.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of the DIANE MIDDLETON FOUNDATION, the outreach of the film since its release has been absolutely extraordinary! In '09 alone, with the help of their grant, over 20,000 ARLINGTON WEST DVDs were given away across the U.S. to activists and the most at-risk inner-city youth who often leave a war zone in the hood to enter a war zone abroad!

The award winning ARLINGTON WEST film is shown nationwide by Peace Activists, Labor Organizations, Progressive Teachers and Clergy because it presents diverse viewpoints while unveiling war's horrors. Statistics are shared: "620,000 Troops Have Traumatic Brain Injury or PTSD"–RAND, and "18 Veterans Kill Themselves Daily in the VA" –CBS News. This film educates the American public whose sole information is from corporate media and guides thousands of youth away from military enlistment into College or peaceful futures. The ARLINGTON WEST film has been shown to hundreds of thousands in the U.S. and millions around the planet: Europe, Russia, India, China, Africa, North & South America, Cuba, Great Britain and countless other countries.

After the presentation, the DVD is given gratis to attendants who then take it and share with their neighborhoods and churches. Whether screening to an Alternative School classroom of 30 or to 3,000 youth in six periods of assemblies, the teachers always tell us they have NEVER seen the students so attentive or respectful!!! We've used our backgrounds in Classical Music and Art to reach those who have different points of view. ARLINGTON WEST is saving countless lives, both here and civilians in the Theatre of War. For information or DVD packets, call (323) 650-8166 or mail@arlingtonwestfilm.com or visit www.arlingtonwestfilm.com

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