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In 2003 the DMF Board
traveled to San Francsico
where they met with POWER, People Organized To Win Employment Rights.
Jason Negron-Gonzalez
welcomes our Board Members.


Who We Are and What We Do

Making decisions on what to fund is our Board's most important task. We cannot make these decisions without a clear sense of our priorities.

The Board holds periodic meetings to discuss these issues. Here are our notes:

Funding Identity
- Organizing a movement against capitalism.
- Fighting against economic and social injustice.
- Fighting for social justice and change.
- Supporting a new generation of leaders.
- Progressive: We fund what others don't.
- Connected to labor/the Harbor.
- Supporting organizations that can make a difference.
- Highlighting diversity.
- Internationalism.
- Building diverse coalitions.
- Promoting class solidarity.
- Educating the community about our issues.
- Preserving our progressive history.
- Supporting progressive individuals with a good track record.

We often refer to the above points in determining who to fund.

Board Member Monet Wade said: "I like being involved in the process of doing site visits, calling the grantees and then reporting back to the full Board."

Dee Petty stated: "Our grantee groups have told us that networking is really important. Perhaps the best way to do this is through workshops."

We Offer:
- Money.
- Experience in fundraising and organizing skills.
- Connections between grantees/other organizations.
- Ideology and Point of View.
- History.
- Hope/Vision/Examples of Success.
- Collaboration with other foundations on money and planning.
- Structure.

"I love being involved with our grantees. I want to see organizations in action." - Justine Arian, Board Member

There have been wide differences among our grantees that could best be expressed as "organizational readiness." Some grantees have a clear concept of what they want to do, are well organized, and need only funding. Other grantees are at the opposite end of the spectrum on almost every issue.

Given our current Board, we have concluded that we are not really in a position to "mentor" an organization and help them get from nowhere to somewhere.

Successful grantees have been those that adhere most closely to
- Our Funding Priorities
- Our Mission Statements

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